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Coffee maker /microwave combination – have to find right size appliances

January 12, 2012

Kitchen. Cari Berg House.LA

More Than a Feeling | California Home + Design.

This kitchen from designer Cari Berg’s house was published recently in CA Home + Design magazine.  It put a smile on my face when I saw this arrangement of the coffeemaker and the microwave  next to each other. We faced same problem in the Atherton project.  When you do such a layout, you want to keep all elements clean and aligned.  It’s also crucial to find the right size appliances.

First installation

Take a look at our first installation.  No, it’s not what we expected.

Miele coffeemaker and microwave








Luckily, owners decided to use these appliances in their other house, and ordered perfectly matched  Miele appliances for this kitchen.  Now it looks gorgeous!

Before renovation











(By the way, look at the “focal point” we had to work with here before the renovation.)












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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I like this new wall unit!

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