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To the Rescue: Design Emergency in LA. Part 2. Schematic design sketches.

March 16, 2012

After setting goals and mapping out an action plan, I began by measuring and drawing out the existing areas we had selected to renovate first.

I added quick sketches of my design ideas for the bathroom and closet renovations.

These sketches are an invaluable tool in my experience to guide clients in visualizing their existing space, and overlaying new design ideas. They came in handy when we met with contractors and suppliers. These schematic design drawings also helped when we visited showrooms to look for tile, vanities and other bath fixtures.

I left my clients with the outline of their design process and a defined vision of their first-stage renovation steps. I had also reviewed schematic designs with the tradesmen and introduced some materials that would work well for their home and style.

It was my pleasure to work with this couple who knew what they wanted but were open to my suggestions.

We continue to work over the phone and Internet.  Lots of questions will come up, and decisions will need to be made as their renovation progresses.

Wishing them the best of luck and a happy, healthy newborn baby!
I will keep posting on the progress of this project.



Designer’s TIP: Using visual aids helps ensure that everyone has a common understanding of the end goal.

Posted by Nina Sobinina


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  1. The visual aids are definitely essential to us and it helps us understand and foresee the outcome. Nina, thank you so much for saving us and working extremely hard in the 3 days you had with us. Thank you for continuing to help us with this project even though we are miles apart. Because of your help, this process is so much easier than I have anticipated. You are the awesome! Can’t wait to read more on our project on your blog.

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